Russia and the Netherlands. The space of interaction

Материал Бумага
Автор Редактор М.А. Наумова
Артикул GIM-00119
Язык Английский
Выходные данные М.: Кучково поле, 2013 – 448 с.: ил. ISBN 978-5-9950-0319-9
Издательство Palace Editions

The exhibition and the catalogue has been realized with the financial support of SHELL and Hedrick Muller found.
Thee international exhibition project is timed to the cross years of Netherlands and Russia in the 2013 and is dedicates to Russia and Dutch relations in the middle of the 16th – 17th centuries, Dutch professionals and entrepreneurs who served in Russia, as well ass about the Dutch influence in the sphere of culture and technology. A special sections is dedicated to the liberation of the Netherlands from the Napoleonic troops be the Russian army in 1813 and the birth of the modern cartographic heritage of two countries.
The project brought together museum, archives and libraries, as well as private collectors of two counties.

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